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KITTUR: 45kms from Belgaum is Kittur. Kittur is best known for the heroic resistance the Rani Channamma put up against the British here in 1824. Enraged by the high handiness of Thakeray, the collector of Dharawad, when he refused to let the adopted son of Mallasarja rule his death. When all negotiations failed, the brave Rani fought until the Kittur army defeated and she was taken prisoner. A visit to the museum here will take you down through the curtains of time to her time of glory. In the memory of this valiant woman, a nature park has been founded where you can jump and watch the friendly deer and sambar. Her statue also stands sentinel over Belgaum, at a prominent square.

Accommodation: Belgaum

Museum: Government Museum- Kittur.

BAILHONGAL: 42 kms from Belgaum. Kittur channamma, the brave lady's Samadhi is at Bailhongal, where she was kept prisoner by the British. A beautiful garden surrounds her tomb.

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